About Us

Welcome to the world of Just Hangry Girls! Our goal is to share with you reviews on the greatest culinary tastes that Toronto has to offer.

We are Shania and Jeneni, a dynamic foodie duo from Toronto, Canada. Our reviews will range from quick/fast eats, dine-in restaurants, healthy eats, luxury, food events/festivals and more! It is our goal to keep you in the loop on most things food related in the city.

What sparked your passion for food?

S:  For as long I can remember, going out to eat has been one of my favourite past times.  I love visiting restaurants and trying new foods.  I also love my ritual of looking up somewhere new to eat and perusing the menu to see what I’m going to order at the restaurant.  Going out to eat is something that I look forward to doing and aim to do as often as long as my bank account will allow me. 

J:  It was really in high school when I started to first become immersed in the Toronto food scene. My first paid job ever was working front-of-house at a restaurant in Little Italy, so I started out by trying a lot of different food places near my workplace before and after my scheduled shifts. I fell in love with the unique foods that Toronto had to offer, and eventually I would invite friends to tag along. To this day, it’s one of my favourite things to do to spend time with friends and experience diverse cultures.

Why start a food blog?

S:  Along with food, I love to write.  Whether it be writing short stories, novels or poems, whenever I can get the chance to relax and write something down, I would do so. 

J:  Asides from eating the actual food, I find joy in capturing and creating memories of the food I’ve tasted, whether it’s pictures of the food itself, candids of friends eating, and/or of the restaurant interior/exteriors.

S&J: When we met a few years ago, we both quickly realized that we had a similar interest in food as we were undergoing a journey with vegetarianism. While we were living in Ottawa at the time, we wanted to document our vegetarian adventures to help like-minded people find great vegetarian eats in the city. As we have now moved back to our hometown, Toronto, we wanted to expand this idea from a few years ago to what is it now–Just Hangry Girls! Together, we hope to inspire you to embark on your own journey with food!