If You Haven’t Had Tamil Food, You Need to Go to Babu Take-out & Catering

Located in Scarborough—Toronto’s east end—is Babu Take-out & Catering.  Babu serves and specializes in traditional Tamil food, but also provides Indian, Hakka and other East Asian dishes.  Babu has an extensive menu that caters to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Our trip to Babu was no different than any other trip to a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We had to observe social distancing rules and wait for our order in the car, but it was worth it since we were rewarded with delicious and filling food.  We ordered a large spread of food that came to a total of under $40.  We got chicken kothu roti (chopped roti, meat, vegetables and spices – pictured), butter chicken (pictured), naan, spinach vadai (fermented pulses rolled into balls and then deep fried), mutton and veggie rolls (pictured), mutton and veggie samosas (pictured), and a side of white rice.

Babu was founded in 1992 by refugees who arrived in Canada in the 1980’s.  Babu saw the need for Tamil food in Canada as many Tamils fled from Sri Lanka due to the Sri Lankan Civil War.  Since then, Babu has become the go-to spot for Scarberians of all backgrounds to eat Tamil food.

Have you ever had Tamil food?  If so, what’s your favourite dish?  If you haven’t, what Tamil dish would you like to try?

You can find Babu Take-out & Catering at 4800 Sheppard Avenue East in Scarborough, or if you’re in Markham, Ontario there is a location at 9590 McCowan Road.

Keep scrolling to see a video on how to make kothu roti by Authentic World Food on Youtube!

Credit: Authentic World Food

Featured picture credit: Just Hangry Girls

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  1. stephlcaputo says:

    I’ve never tried Tamil food before so I will definitely check this place out next time I’m in the area. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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