Last Minute Takeout Sushi Experience with Dragon Rolls Japanese & Thai

Over the summer there was a day that Jeneni’s internet cut out, so she asked to come to my house so she could continue working from home. She did and the two of us worked from home together. It came to be lunch time and we were hungry but we could not figure out what we wanted to eat. We’re both easygoing girls so there were a few “honestly, I’m good with whatevers” thrown back and forth until we came to our final decision: sushi.

Sushi is always a great decision because you can never go wrong with sushi. Out of all of the sushi experiences we’ve had, we can never say that we’ve had a bad sushi experience. Sushi is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still good.

We decided to order sushi from Dragon Rolls Japanese & Thai, a Japanese and Thai restaurant located in Pickering, Ontario. I ordered the Maki Set D which contained 20 pieces of sushi and Jeneni got the Maki Set B which contained 18 pieces of sushi.

Maki Set D (above) and Maki Set B (below).

Maki Set B came with six California rolls, six spicy tuna rolls and six Boston rolls. Maki Set D came with six California rolls, six spicy salmon rolls and eight dynamite rolls. The quality of sushi was great considering that we got the amount of sushi for less than $50.

Even though we believe that there’s no such thing as bad sushi, have any of you had a bad sushi experience?

You can find Dragon Rolls Japanese & Thai at 1105 Kingston Road in Pickering. They’re currently offering takeout and delivery via UberEats.

Picture credit: Just Hangry Girls

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