If You Love Sandwiches, Try Out These Japanese Sandos

Before Ontario’s current lockdown, Jeneni and I went to try out some Japanese sandos from Imanishi Japanese Kitchen. You’re probably wondering what a Japanese sando is, so we’ll tell you. According to Just One Cookbook, a Japanese sando is a Japanese sandwich that uses Japanese milk bread. Fillings can vary, you can get a Japanese sando with pork, chicken, eggs etc., so it’s a really versatile food.

Since our experience with Imanishi Japanese Kitchen was during a part of the COVID-19 pandemic where dining-in wasn’t allowed, we had to order ahead. We were overwhelmed with the Japanese sando options that Imanishi offered on their takeout menu, so we decided to get an assorted sando set. The sando set consisted of the Katsu, Ebi, Aji and Karaage sandos.

We couldn’t wait to try out these sandos, when we did, we realized that driving across town for them were worth it. Each sando was different and provided a different flavour experience that we would not mind experiencing again.

Our personal favourite of the four sandos was the spicy karaage sando. This sando came with chicken karaage, tomato, lettuce, tatar sauce, a spicy sauce and honey mustard. I wish that we had got a second helping of this sando.

You can find Imanishi Japanese Kitchen at 1330 Dundas Street West in Toronto. They’re currently only offering takeout which you can do from their website here.

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