If You Like Curry Chicken, You’ll Like Curry Duck

Located in Toronto’s east end in Scarborough is Drupati’s Rotis and Doubles. Drupati’s serves and specializes in Caribbean cuisine and their menu includes dishes for those who eat meat and for those who don’t!

A trip to or an order from Drupati’s is quite common in my (Shania) household. Every Friday, my parents get food from there. But this time, I decided to join them and try out the food from Drupati’s.

My parents always get the same thing from Drupati’s: duck roti. I’ve never had duck roti before, I’ve had chicken roti a bunch of times whenever my mom would make it or whenever I was at my grandma’s in Grenada, she would make it as well. But duck roti was uncharted territory for me.

The curry duck came in a black container and with the paratha on the side. With this dish you have the option of either getting a paratha or dhalpuri. The main difference between paratha and dhalpuri is that paratha is made out of flour, salt, water and ghee, and dhalpuri is a flatbread filled with split peas.

I was presently surprised by the taste of the duck, the curry duck’s taste reminded me of chicken, but it had the same texture as beef.

Curry duck on the paratha

If you choose to make paratha roti at home and don’t know how. Please watch the video below.

Drupati’s was founded almost 30 years ago as a place to get Caribbean roti and doubles. Since opening, Drupati’s has expanded their menu to offer a variety of Caribbean dishes, and they now have multiple locations. Drupati’s is located in Woodbrdige, Scarborough, Etobicoke and Ajax.

Have you had duck roti? What are your thoughts?

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