Fish Tacos are the Best Tacos

I know that the title of this blog post might cause some division as some of you might be fans of chicken tacos, pork tacos or even the interesting avocado taco (you them at Wilbur Mexicana). But in my (Shania) opinion, fish tacos are the best tacos.

I’m not sure when my love for fish tacos began but I refuse to eat any other type of taco now, and I refuse to end quest to try fish tacos from different restaurants. Today, we’ll be discussing the fish tacos that I got from Mexitaco. This was my second time this week ordering from them, the first time I ordered from them this week, I got Tacos de Pescado Asado. They were grilled fish tacos, they were great but they were missing something and also the presentation wasn’t the best.

This time around I ordered the Baja Fish Taco. I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit pricey as each taco cost me near six dollars and I ordered three because I always like to eat three tacos at a time. But I was impressed with this battered taco, because the fish portions were humongous (see picture below).

Baja Fish Taco

In my opinion the Baja Fish Taco was better than the Tacos de Pescado Asado. One, because the amount of fish in each taco was more than enough and two, chipotle mayonnaise on this was to die for.

Don’t believe Mexitaco isn’t as good as I make it seem? Watch this YouTube video of MuchMusic bringing Mexitaco to the set so Hilary Duff can try it out.

Mexitaco has two locations, one at Victoria Park Avenue at 1109 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1L 1T7 and one on Kingston Road at 2496 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario M1N 4A4.

What’s your favourite taco to eat?

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